Sunday, June 8, 2008

18 Million Cracks In a Message

Hillary Clinton is quoted from her concession speech in The Houston Chronicle today as saying she had "failed to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling" but, she had accomplished making "18 million cracks" for the next woman to seek the office. Clinton then went on to praise Obama and pledge to bring the Democratic party together to support Obama's election to the presidency.

Clinton's words, as powerful as they were, underscore a contradiction in how she delivered her speech and this serves as a powerful example of how actions and words, when they contradict, can cancel out a message.

Hillary Clinton, as noted in the Chronicle article, appeared to be delivering her speech reluctantly. Clinton arrived 45 minutes late, wore black, took the stage to a tune entitled, "Better Days" and finally uttered 650 words before she finally said, "Barack Obama".

For a woman who has pledged her allegiance to unifying the Democrats her split agenda diluted her message and ultimately failed in its purported goal of beginning the healing process within her deeply divided party.

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