Monday, June 16, 2008

To Twitter or Not to Twitter

Should lawyers Twitter or not? If so, why and how?
We’re trying to find answers to questions like this. What’s the best use of Twitter? Who’s using it in the most innovative way?

Twitter is instant messaging with legs - the legs being the attractively light-touch networking functions provided by Twitter and fleshed out as you please by third party Twitter applications.

As to how lawyers can best take advantage of it, you can do no better than read Steve Matthews’ post on Lawyer Marketing With Twitter (”It’s a big dinner table conversation with peers that you get to choose.”)

Tweeting status updates (”What are you doing?”) dominates. If you’re not one for chat, Twitter may not immediately appeal. But there’s no compulsion to chat obsessively; you can gain value by following others, just tweeting sufficiently to keep yourself visible; and/or tweet news, developments, links etc. But immediacy and personality are the key it seems; without that you’re off the radar.

For a great guide that shows exactly what Twitter is and how it can benefit your legal team the next time you work on a big case click here

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