Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Want To Get "Reported On"?

Check out the the new website just launched for journalists to connect with each other from every beat, here is the description from their website:

What: will be a place for journalists of all stripes to find peers with experience dealing with a particular topic, story, or source.

Who: Everyone’s welcome. Are you a reporter at a major metro newspaper? An editor at a small community newspaper? A blogger working a story about local politics? A cable news anchor looking for national trends bubbling to the surface? ReportingOn will be for all of you.

When: Coming soon… Expect to hear more about ReportingOn this summer. We’re hoping to start inviting reporters and bloggers to start posting updates later on this year.

Where: Right here at, @reportingon on Twitter, and the What Are You Reporting On? Facebook group.

Why: To improve the quality of local news by helping journalists add context to their reporting based on what they learn from their peers in other places. To connect beat reporters with mentors across town or on the other side of the continent. To take the pulse of journalism at a local level and bring to the surface issues that are gaining momentum around the world.

How: Thanks to a generous News Challenge grant from the Knight Foundation to help support the development and promotion of ReportingOn for the next two years, the site will be developed in Drupal. Eventually, we hope to contribute an installation profile to the Drupal community to enable easy launches of localized versions of the project.

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