Friday, July 25, 2008

Client Feedback

It's extremely important for attorneys and law firms to "measure" their marketing efforts. If you don't, you'll never really know if your efforts are worthwhile. For instance, if you purchased an ad in a circulation, did you get any calls from the ad? If you've given the ad some time to work but have not seen any results, you may want to re-direct that budget to something that's working.

One of the most effective ways to measure your marketing efforts is to initiate a client feedback program. After all, it's free and it really allows you to find out where your business is coming from. Consider these tips:

1. Once you gain a new client, make sure you sit with them at the beginning of your representation and ask them how they came to find out about your services. You might even want to prepare a survey for them. Just be sure to go over it with them in person. Face to face interaction is key. You might even want to meet with your client over lunch or coffee.

2. If you went "head to head" against a competitor and won the client's business, ask your new client why they chose you over other law firms.

3. At the end of the representation, be sure to do another face to face evaluation with your client. They will appreciate your efforts. This is also a great time to seek out referrals. You might say something like this: George, I really enjoyed working with you and if you have any friends or colleagues who might need legal assistance, please be sure to pass on my name and number.

4. You can begin a client feedback program at any time. Don't wait to start on new clients, begin now and implement this procedure with all your clients. For an existing client, just explain it's a new way for you to better service your clients.

5. If you have lost touch with one of your former clients and you want to gain their business back, call them and let them know that your firm is implementing a client feedback program and you would love to take them to lunch or coffee to discuss your past representation. This is a great way to open the door and try to re-gain lost business.

Just remember to be genuine and to meet face to face. Good luck!

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