Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rainmaker Awards

Marketers and consultants across the nation are invited to nominate lawyers for the Rainmaker of the Year Awards, sponsored by the editors of Originate! - the monthly business development newsletter, and judged by LSSO - the Legal Sales and Service Organization.

Winners will receive a handsome award, be publicized in a nationally-distributed press release and be interviewed for articles to be published in Originate! and on the LSSO website.

The newsletter is now soliciting entries for the Rainmaker Awards from lawyers, firms, marketing specialists, recruiters and consultants, in six categories:

  1. Associate
  2. Small firm lawyer (30 or fewer lawyers)
  3. Partner – transactions
  4. Partner – litigator
  5. Woman Lawyer
  6. Diverse Lawyer

Law firm marketers and marketing consultants are encouraged to submit an entry on behalf of a top rainmaker they know in one of these categories, and self-nominations are also welcome. There is no entry fee this year. The deadline for submissions is Monday, July 21, 2008. Entry forms are available online at www.pbdi.org/originate.

A panel of independent judges with expertise in legal business development has been assembled by the Legal Sales and Service Organization (LSSO):

  • Martha Fay “Marty” Africa, Managing Director of Major Lindsay & Africa consultants
  • Gabe Miller Esq., General Counsel of The Law Offices of James Sokolove
  • Catherine MacDonagh, Esq., President of LSSO.

The judges will determine the best of the best among the submitted entries.

“With sales and marketing now so critical to the careers of individual lawyers and the vitality of law firms, we know how important it is for the best to be recognized and share what they do,” said Beth Cuzzone, a co-founder of LSSO, who is the Director of Business Development for Goulston & Storrs in Boston.

More information on the contest, as well as the entry form, can be found here

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