Friday, August 29, 2008

The Importance of Visual Suggestion

As I watched the Obama acceptance speech at the Democrats National Convention last night I was struck by the subliminal suggestion of Obama's backdrop. One can argue the background is not a complete ripoff of the Oval office set but I would say there is a definite similarity designed to give viewers a sneak peek of the future Democrats would like to see.

Keep the importance of visual imagery in mind as you plan your press conferences and reporter interviews. Recently we organized a press conference for Sheila Jackson Lee. The press conference purpose was to announce Congresswoman Lee's plans to propose tougher criminal penalties for bus owners that don't follow safety laws. Watching the conference were families and surviving victims of the Vietnamese Catholic group involved in the Sherman bus accident August 8. Congresswoman Lee insisted the family members stand behind her as she announced her intentions to toughen criminal penalties. It was a very emotional and effective backdrop that didn't allow the viewers to ever forget what the purpose of the press conference was.

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