Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Sherman Bus Crash, Turning Tragedy Into Justice

Lately we've been working very closely with the Vietnamese community and the aftermath of the deadly August 8 bus crash near Sherman, Texas. We've been meeting with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, community leaders and victims of the tragedy learning how to make sure the victims get justice and laws change so this preventable disaster never happens again. Along the way we've learned a few things we'd like to share with you.

Here is our top five list of tips for turning a case arising out of a tragedy into a positive improvement in the law.
  1. Gather a group of victims and their families that will be on standby at all times to talk to the press. The media wants to to talk to the people affected, as well as the attorney.
  2. Make sure every few days the media is given an update about how the community is healing form the tragedy.
  3. Form an alliance with politicians that will "white knight" your cause.
  4. Work with area churches that are helping victims.
  5. Create a foundation that people can donate money to that will aid the victims.
Utilize the high profile nature of your case to promote your cause and help the victims.

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