Monday, November 24, 2008

Sue, A Magazine for Women Attorneys

Move over Elle and Marie Claire, there's a new kid on the block, Sue Magazine. Sue Magazine is the first ever magazine dedicated to women attorneys. Click here to check it out:

The magazine will have a feature story, plus the following:

Humor in the Workplace
Brains Before Beauty
In the Pink: Healthy Stuff
American Litigator in London
Mini Briefs® Updates
Top Jobs for Women in Litigation
Dr. Sue's Guide to Career and Life Balance
Critics Corner- Software & Vendor Reviews
Sued: Big Suits, Bigger Settlements
Sweet Charity: Women in Non-Profits
Vendor Bytes
Technophiles by our Technology Wizards

Time will tell if this magazine will have any staying power. But so far, I really like the concept and I definitely plan on subscribing, what about you?

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