Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Using Videos Effectively on Firm Websites

There has been a lot of talk about whether or not to utilize videos in Firm websites. What video is interesting and useful and which is boring and too self-serving?

It is best to start by examining the motivations of the audience for a particular firm or practice area. If you determine through target market research the audience wants an attorney that is competent in the media spotlight- a video such as the one we created for high profile defense attorney Terry Yates is perfect. We simply recorded some of his TV appearances and spliced the video together to look as though it is a TV news promo.

Click here to watch it

This sort of video has the effect of positioning the attorney as an expert in their practice area via third-party media mentions. Obviously, the most effective free advertising any professional can get.

Interested in putting an effective video together for your website? Start collecting video, pictures, sound, any multimedia resource that presents you or your Firm in the position of an expert and call us, we'd be happy to put together a video for you that meets your goal and targets your audience.

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