Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why Your Firm Needs a Newsletter

There are many reasons to build strong relationships with current and potential clients. As discussed in previous blogs, your current client base may just be the best law firm marketing tool you have. When clients have a good experience with your firm, not only are they more likely to return to you the next time they need legal advice, they are more likely to refer new business to you.

What is the role of newsletters in your law firm marketing stratagem? They are one the most productive, proven law firm marketing methods for maintaining existing relationships, forging new ones, and capturing new clients. Here are the top three reasons why newsletters work, and why they should be a mainstay within your law firm marketing strategy.

Forging Relationships: Statistics show that the higher the income level, the more likely people are to choose attorneys based on referral from someone they trust. If your “desired clients” (the clients you want more of) are those impervious to economic downturn, then cultivating relationships with existing clients of affluence is key. Reaching out to them through a well-crafted newsletter (as part of your law firm marketing plan) is a low-cost, consistent way to accomplish your goal.

Building Trust: Regardless of income level or the state of the economy, virtually all people realize that choosing legal council is an important decision. It can also be a deeply personal one, as in many instances clients may share private and financial information, health records, personal wishes and beliefs with their attorney. For those reasons, building trust should be an important part of your law firm marketing approach, and newsletters can help build that trust in a consistent, non-intrusive way.

Staying Top of Mind: The third and final reason to make newsletters a part of your law firm marketing strategy addresses the reality that on average less than 3% of potential clients become buying clients the first time they meet you. However, if you consistently touch them (as mentioned above) with a non-intrusive newsletter that provides them with sound, reliable information they can use, the chances that they will choose you when they are ready to hire an attorney increase significantly.

If you have not yet begun a newsletter to current and potential clients, it might just be time to start. You will be adding a consistent, low-cost relationship-building tactic to your law firm marketing strategy that will help increase your practice in good economic times and bad.

This post is courtesy of Stephen Fairley of the Rainmaker Blog. Thank you, Stephen!

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