Friday, December 5, 2008

How Free Reports Can Help Your Firm Market

Have you considered writing a free report but never really taken the next step? If so, you’re not alone.
Many attorneys I’ve worked with have heard that free reports are an important piece to their law firm Internet marketing structure. But they aren’t sure how or why they are important.

The real value of a free report in law firm Internet marketing is in its role as an “ethical bribe”. In essence, you ask potential clients to give you some information about themselves in exchange for some truly valuable legal information.
That information you are asking for is their contact information. And that is a key first step in beginning a trust-building relationship with them.

Once you have the prospective clients contact information (and some added credibility), the next phase of your law firm Internet marketing plan can begin (more about this later).
But first, you need to make sure your report is worth the valuable information the prospective client has just given you.

Here are four proven elements to a well-crafted free report in your law firm Internet marketing structure:
Addresses issues that the individual really cares about – Remember, your clients may not care about legal precedents, but they are very likely to care about to save money during divorce proceedings. Uses regular laymen’s language – If they are being completely honest, most people would tell you they prefer to read USA Today over the New York Times. While the NYT is a serious paper for serious people, USA today is interesting at the individual level, and it’s written in an easy-to-read format. Builds credibility for your law firm – Don’t miss this opportunity to share client quotes or real life results you’ve gained for your clients.

Perhaps the most important, element to your law firm Internet marketing plan is to include a worthy call to action – By the end of the report, the prospective client should be interested enough to take a next step toward you. Whether that is going to your web site for more information, or signing up for your newsletter.
In sum, the free report can be an indispensible law firm Internet marketing tool. Its real value to your law firm Internet marketing structure is as the first step in connecting with new clients.

If used correctly, it earns you both contact information and credibility.
And don’t forget to include that all-valuable call to action. If your prospective client doesn’t take that next step, your report hasn’t completely done its job in your law firm Internet marketing scheme.

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