Sunday, December 6, 2009

Three Steps Guaranteed to Save Tiger Woods' Reputation

We waited a week for Woods' legal team to call us for advice, but so far, nothing. However, a lot of other people have been asking what we'd suggest if we were working with Tiger's lawyers.
Here is our prescription for rehabbing Tiger's reputation.
(Keep in mind this sex addiction is alleged)

Step One: Issue a statement via website admitting to sex addiction
Get in front of the story as soon as you can. The parade of mistresses will only continue until they are devalued.

Step Two: Go to rehab
This shows the public the addiction is real, and more importantly, the person is doing something about it.

Step Three: Come back and cry on Oprah
The public loves a good mea culpa, especially when it comes from someone larger than life. Holding hands with the wife live on the show counts for extra credit.

If you get a chance pass this along to Team Tiger for us!

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