Monday, January 18, 2010

Tiger Offered a Lifeline: His Response: "No Thanks"

Tiger Woods has not yet pledged any money to the ongoing relief effort in Haiti, said the head of his charitable foundation -- rebuffing those celebrities who had publicly said the golfer would donate $3 million and a cargo plane full of medical supplies to the victims of Tuesday's earthquake.

"We're currently researching the most effective plan to aid in the relief effort. Historically, we have found being part of the rebuilding effort to be the most effective approach for the Foundation," Greg McLaughlin, President and CEO of the Tiger Woods Foundation, told in an e-mail.
McLaughlin said the foundation "will be supporting the people of Haiti" but no specific promises of aid had been made.

That was a stark contrast to comments made by celebrities Wyclef Jean and Russell Simmons -- who earlier this week gave details about what Woods would send, including a "mobile hospital with 50 EMTs to go set up a triage."

The fact that Jean and Simmons basically came up with a bulletproof PR plan aimed at effectively rehabbing Tiger's image and the golf superstar passed speaks volumes to his problems. Tiger Woods and his management team still doesn't get it. Tiger's bubble of protection has burst and without a thorough cleansing, explanation and airing out of his past transgressions his reputation will not heal.

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