Friday, May 20, 2011

The Sperminator vs. What Really Matters

The U.S. government has hit its debt ceiling and Tim Geithner is now raiding federal employees pensions so politicians can keep overspending. Is this the most talked-about and certainly important story of the week? After all, it affects every single American. NO- we are all fixated on a certain California governor and his love child.

Sigh, journalism has hit a new low this week. ABC news is paying a woman $10,000 who lies about giving her daughter Botox without doing any fact checking, Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, hero pilot is now suddenly a journalist and was just hired as aviation/safety correspondent for CBS news and instead of trying to help Americans understand the real dangers of stealing from pension systems everyone wants to know how many other love children Arnold is hiding. Its Kabuki theater at its best.

Maybe I'm jaded and cynical, and I guess being on both sides of the camera all my professional life will do that to you but this is just exhausting. Until Americans insist on better coverage of news by tuning out the freak show we don't deserve Edward R. Murrow quality journalism. Info-tainment is all we will be served. I'm glad today is Friday and I can take a break from consuming news for a couple days. Much like the American media consumer, I need a break

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