Monday, June 6, 2011

PinkWell Launch Embraces Social Media in Attempt to go Viral

The Lester and Sue Smith Foundation in Houston is dedicated to their goal of increasing awareness and funding for cancer research. they are reknown for their innovative events and creative fundraising ideas that have raising tens of millions for various cancer research programs.

Their latest event had a single goal ---to celebrate the survivor in all of us and raise awareness about breast cancer, a disease that strikes one in eight women nationally. The event also launched the Smith's Pink Well Challenge, a national campaign symbolized by an active pink pump jack located in the heart of West Texas. Through Pink Well Challenge, the Lester and Sue Smith Foundation will give away up to $1 million in matching funds to eligible breast cancer organizations. Applications are being taken at until July 1, 2011.

Of course its a wonderful cause but its the way the Foundation announced the launch of Pinkwell that merits attention. The flash mob is an Internet sensation where a group of people choreograph and practice a dance ahead of time and then assemble at a particular place and time to dance for stunned onlookers. The event is usually taped and almost always makes for a good viral video. was a very modern and effective use of social media tools.

The Pinkwell flash mob featured dancers that included the Smiths, who are two-time National Latin Ballroom Dance Champions. A successful Texas oilman, Smith is also a two-time cancer survivor.

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