Monday, July 18, 2011

Roger Clemens and Casey Anthony Coming Home, But to What?

Casey Anthony's acquittal on murder charges and Roger Clemens' mistrial. Were they "proven innocent"? No, many would argue that they have won in court (at least for now) but have lost miserably in the court of public opinion. Sure, they will go home, but what kind of life will they lead once the cameras start pointing away from them?

Roger Clemens used to be a AAA rated ad pitchman. A devoted family man whose sons' names all began with the letter "K" for strikeout, a 7 time Cy Young winner, a native Houstonian who never seemed to let go of his hometown roots in favor of the glam and glitz of New York and LA, Roger Clemens held on to his good 'ole boy image, all until it was tested.

It seems the good 'ole boy had his limits. The first being, he was not to be questioned, about anything. Who can forget Clemens and Rusty Hardin's trip to Washington to testify before Congress about his use of performance enhancing drugs. Everyone in the media audience at least, will now admit they knew Roger was lying when he said he never used the drugs. You just don't get stronger as you age. And Roger's pictorial history showed obviously that he wasn't just hitting the gym to get the body he grew into.

Ironically, the exact same attributes that made Clemens a great pitcher, the stubborness, win-at-all-costs mentality is what is systematically killing his PR campaign.

Wednesday we examine what Casey Anthony has to look forward to as she heads back into the "real world". And I can promise you, its not all book deals and exclusive interviews...

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