Monday, February 6, 2012

In the Battle Between Planned Parenthood and Susan G. Komen What Made the Difference?

The nation's leading breast cancer advocacy group is officially in full damage-control mode. After last week's "will-they?" or "won't -they?" continue funding for Planned Parenthood breast screenings- it looks like the group managed to alienate both sides of the debate. So, speaking from a PR perspective, how did Planned Parenthood turn the full-frontal assault from such a powerful organization into a fundraising bonanza and galvanize supporters into acting on their behalf?

Moments after the AP reported news that Komen was barring the organization from receiving funds, PP blasted news releases via email and Twitter and posted the information on Facebook. The organization has added 32,000 new Facebook fans since last Tuesday.

Spokesman Tait Sye says their plan was simple, in addition to spreading the news, employ a call-to-action. "We gave people things to do," he says. The organization sent out suggestions to donate, sign an online petition, tweet about the issue and post a Planned Parenthood badge on Facebook.

" All of it is meant to reinforce the idea of showing public support." And it worked beautifully. By contrast, SGK was caught off guard by the rush of developments. Non-profits can learn from this case study. Anticipate crises as early as possible and have your own crisis management plan in action ahead of time to avoid PR fiascos such as this.

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