Friday, September 28, 2012

7 Intriguing Facts About Social Media Marketing

The fourth quarter of 2012 is nearly upon us, which means pundits, blogs, news sites, and more will soon ruminate on what it all meant.

Before the navel gazing begins, we can tell you that this is the year social media fully embraced the image.

Meanwhile, Facebook also continued its social networking dominance (despite its nose dive on Wall Street).

And social media continues to benefit companies that use it as part an integrated marketing campaign.

All of that and more is represented in this snapshot of social media statistics from 2012 

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Consumers get bombarded with various forms of advertising and are annoyed by it these days. With social media, people choose the connections they make and the information they receive, so if you have something valuable to say to them, they might actually listen, comment, share and hopefully take action.

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