Monday, January 21, 2013

Another Reason Why Your Firm Needs a Mobile Website

The New York Times’ Quentin Hardy (@qhardy) reports Intel’s earnings were down 27% with the decline of PC sales.

Why? Instead of PCs, more people and businesses are buying smartphones and tablets.

Microsoft’s release of its Windows 8 operating system did nothing to excite PC buyers. Consumers and businesses did not buy new computers in order to use the upgraded system, per Hardy.

Law firms are constantly discussing upgrades of their websites and drawing traffic to their websites. Mobile is thought of as an after thought rather than thinking mobile first, desktop second.

The vast majority of legal website developers design and develop for the desktop. One, there may be more money it for them, and two, it’s what they know. They look at the world like law firms – draw traffic to a website, a website we designed and developed first for a PC.

You ought to start looking at the Internet as opportunity to network by engaging your clients and their influencers where they are. Where they are is increasingly on smart phones and tablets.

Rather than asking how does our site appear on mobile or how do we get people from mobile to our website, think mobile engagement from the get go, it’s where your clients are headed.

-Kevin O'Keefe, Real Lawyers Have Blogs.

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