Friday, January 25, 2013

Check Off Your Marketing To-Do List for 2013!

January is drawing to a close and all those resolutions you made about marketing your business should be gnawing at you about now, that is unless you have crossed some of them off your list!

Start the new year off right by accomplishing these five things by the end of January!
  1. Set a Google alert for yourself.  This way you will be automatically updated via email when ever someone has posted something about you online.
  2. Set a Google alert for your top five clients.  There is nothing more impressive that an attorney who keeps up with your business. Send congratulatory notes when appropriate, or just check in if something appears online that could be potentially troublesome down the line.
  3. Claim ALL your online profiles! Google yourself and and notice where your name comes up organically.  Lawyers are famous for having profiles everywhere that are unclaimed.  Claim them and fill them with great information about yourself and your successes!
  4. Commit to spending one hour a week on social media.  Update your Linkedin page, endorse people, connect with people, answer questions.  Remember engagement = new clients.
  5. Organize your email contact lists by referral attorney, former clients, current clients.  This way you can send out instant mass emails by group whenever  you have anything to announce.
Accomplish these tasks for January and we'll be posting a new one for February! You'll be glad you did!

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