Monday, February 18, 2013

Media Masters Quoted in Texas Lawyer

Brenda Sappino Jeffreys recently wrote an article for Texas Lawyer entitled, "Get Social: Lawyers Effectively Use Social media to Boost Business".  In it, she quotes me talking about how lawyers should commit to a set amount of time on social media channels like Linkedin, at least once a week.

"Law firm marketing consultant Miranda Sevcik of Houston, founder of Media Masters, says lawyers need to market themselves in some way on social media, whether on LinkedIn or other outlets such as Twitter or Google+.

"It's engagement, it's that person-to-person engagement," she says, noting that lawyers simply don't have time anymore to take clients out golfing or to a fancy lunch.

Sevcik says she advises firms to ask their lawyers to spend at least half an hour a week on LinkedIn, updating their profiles, making connections and posting information useful to other lawyers or clients.
"You don't want to be offering just congratulatory promotional information about yourself but also real tangible things that make your life easier. . . . 'I just learned this, this might help you,' " she says.

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