Sunday, April 7, 2013

Carnival PR Responds to Another Crisis after Triumph Breaks Loose

Carnival Cruise Lines launched into crisis mode on Wednesday, the third time in two months for the company’s busy PR department.

The crisis response came after Carnival's Triumph—which was towed into port in Mobile, Ala., last month—broke loose from its moorings on Wednesday afternoon, damaging the ship and knocking two workers on an adjacent pier into the water. One of the workers remains unaccounted for. Six hundred crewmembers and 200 contractor workers aboard the ship were unharmed, according to a Carnival statement.

Triumph has been a problem for Carnival. In February, the cruise liner was towed into port in Mobile after several days at sea without power. Weary and frightened passengers complained of backed-up toilets.

In the most recent incident concerning Triumph, Carnival responded quickly via social media to the first reports of the ship’s unmooring. The company pulled all its tweets together for two larger statements posted to its Facebook page.
Update on Carnival Triumph in Mobile, AL

April 3, 2013, 7PM ET

Earlier this afternoon, due to strong winds that reached speeds exceeding 70 miles per hour during a severe storm in Mobile, Ala., Carnival Triumph, which was in wet dock at a Mobile shipyard, broke away from its moorings. The ship drifted, and was secured.

With the assistance of tugboats on site, the ship has been moved to the Mobile Cruise Terminal. Lines have moored the ship, and, as a precaution, tugboats will remain alongside the vessel as well.

All of the approximately 600 crew and 200 contractors who were onboard the vessel are safe and have been accounted for through a roll call. There are no reports of injuries. While assessment of damage to the ship is ongoing, initial indications suggest the damage is limited.

According to reports, two shipyard employees on an adjacent pier fell into the water. One has reportedly been rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard and the search continues for the second. Our thoughts and prayers are with the missing shipyard employee and the family.

Triumph isn't the only ship to create problems for Carnival. Last month, reports emerged of backed up toilets on another Carnival ship. The company has received mixed reviews from PR professionals for its response to the incidents.

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