Monday, April 1, 2013

How National News Can Become Marketing Gold!

So last week as the gay marriage debate was raging in the Supreme Court I thought about how my clients could benefit by bringing the issue home for a local perspective on the issue.  Luckily, my contacts at Fox news here in Houston have a morning show that involves a lot of live talk time.  I was able to get one of my clients, Cindy Diggs, a Board Certified Family Law Attorney on to talk live about the issue and how the impending SCOTUS decision could affect the Texas family court and Texan same-sex couples.

The resulting coverage ( four hits of about 3- 5 minutes each) not only made for great content for her social media pages, but we are starting a website page for her devoted solely to same sex issues and optimizing it with her four news clips! Always be on the lookout for national news you can offer a local opinion on. 

See one of her clips here:

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