Sunday, June 23, 2013

Four Features Every Attorney's Email Should Have

  • An easy to understand Re: line.  Make sure to sum up the content of the email for ease of future filing.
  • An email signature featuring your logo, website, Vcard and phone number.  And no, we aren't talking about something you build yourself.  Get the e-signature professionally developed and attached to each email you send out.  These signatures should be updated to reflect achievements as well, for example, (Texas Super Lawyer 2000-2013).
  • A Disclaimer.  Cover yourself in case someone comes upon it by mistake.  
  • As little background or personal information about a case as possible. Precedent has been set and maintained entering emails in as discovery for future litigation.  If the issue is terribly important as requires a written document, upload the document to a client's dropbox, or some other kind of external server.  Emails are just too easy to hack. 

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