Wednesday, June 5, 2013

When Should PR Begin for Your Startup?

Startups are everywhere, and many (if not most) have two questions when it comes to PR: When and who?

It’s not always clear to entrepreneurs when they should launch a PR campaign and whether it should be handled in-house or farmed out to an agency. Agencies can be expensive, but so can hiring a PR pro to work for you.

Forbes contributor Cheryl Connor tackles these questions in a terrific article: “What Do PR Agencies Do? Can You Do It Too?

In it, she asserts that PR should start, “Clearly, before you open your door.”

How practical is that? Very. She lays out a practical, easy-to-follow guide to things you can monitor and put out yourself (or with a bit of help) to keep the lights on until you can afford a more sophisticated PR approach:

1. Press releases
2. Blog
3. Brand mentions
4. Reputational mentions
5. Social media
6. Get a crisis PR template
Learn more about her approach to PR for startups in Forbes.

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