Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Attorney Search Engine Optimization Myths

Want higher ranked and better results on Google or other search engines?  Of course you do- everyone does.  Businesses are being discovered and rehired more now than ever before thanks to search engine results.  So how do you make sure your website shows up before a competitor's?  Bottom line- the search engine companies keep their algorithems a secret- so the exact formula will never be known.  But if you want consistent , good results follow these tips and don't believe the hype!
  1. Provide fresh, quality content for your visitors.  
  2. Don't overload your webpage content with keywords.  Maybe in yesteryear you could repeat "Houston divorce attorney" a thousnd times on the homepage and get better results.  Not today- you will be penalized for "spamming".
  3. Don't pay for outside links that serve as nothing more than "link farms".  Yes- it is true that the more links to your site the greater the search engine spiders will prioritize your site, but if those sites linking to you are determined to be spam, your site will be penalized.
  4. Optimizing your site once and never touching it again is like never optimizing it at all.  Websites should be  organic, constantly evolving entities.  Websites need to be constantly changing up content, adding information and building content.  This is the best way to be considered "relevant" to search engine spiders.
  5. Keep your social media sites updates and linked to your website.  These connections strengthen and solidify the relationships between connectivity and content.

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