Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Four Keys to Protecting Data

This is from a recent article in Texas Lawyer by Julie Machal-Fulks which is a must-read for any lawyer concerned about protecting their internal data and intellectual property.

Four issues arise that must be addressed first:

What constitutes proprietary data that should receive protection? 

The short answer is; every attorney that represents corporations, businesses or individuals should identify what types of proprietary datat the business owns, uses or controls.  Counsel must identify that data through the client at the outset and ensure the company protects proprietary data from disclosure from employees and subcontractors as well as discovery or misuse by business partners and third parties.

How does the company secure the data entrusted to it?

Counsel representing these companies must review the agreements with the client's customers to ensure the company employees are aware of the contractual obligations and can adhere to the guidelines to protect the data.  Counsel should work with the company's chief security officer to identify risks and facilitate independent reviews of policies and procedures effectiveness.

Friday we will cover the last two items to be aware of!

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