Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Legal Marketing Trends to Try in 2015

We recognize that with every year that passes, technology becomes more powerful and it allows consumers to more efficiently shop for products and services. As the owner of a personal injury law firm, you know that “keeping up with the times” is essential to not only growing your practice but also sustaining your practice. Here are some legal trends to consider as you focus on the months ahead:

If growth is your plan for 2015, then you must have a website. According to a study done by Hinge Research, 77% of all leads are generated online!
Your website should include more than just your contact information and what types of cases you specialize in. It should also include reading materials for victims to prepare for what’s ahead, whether or not you take cases on a contingency basis, your success stories and why you are the best attorney out there.

Having a website is no longer recommended, it is essential. If growth is your plan for 2015, then you must have a website. According to a study done by Hinge Research, 77% of all leads are generated online! 
  • Be conscious of your online reputation. Victims in search of an attorney can be skeptical about legal representation. We have all heard of those lawyers that didn’t give the client what they were promised.Be sure to check-in on what others are saying about you on review sites like Yelp and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Not only should you monitor what’s already being said, you should also encourage happy clients to comment about their success stories and why they would recommend you to others. Information about you is just a click away. Be sure what people read entices them to contact you with their case.  
  • Engagement increases conversations and increases cases. Research shows that the number one way to increase conversations with potential clients is to engage them with content driven newsletters. A great way to do is with email marketing. Stay top-of-mind by regularly communicating helpful information to your contact list. Give them tips for what to do in accidents, educate them about statute of limitations, inform them of new laws coming into effect, etc.  
  • Do not overlook the power of social media. Social media is a sign of the times. Most people today will engage in some type of social media every day. Just as they keep their “milestones” up-to-date, they will expect the same from their lawyer. Keep your profession profile current on LinkedIn. Tweet success stories. Promote your firm and any firm news you have on Facebook. Be sure to respond when clients and new victims comment on your posts.

    Effectively marketing your firm so you can survive amongst all the competition can be tedious and cumbersome. However, you have options to help you. There are legal marketing firms that have well established websites, a great online reputation, effective email marketing strategies and a strong social media network. If you’d prefer to focus on representing the injured, leave the footwork leading to increased leads to the marketing professionals.

    Director of Marketing, National Law Review

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