Friday, June 20, 2008

The Media Masters Network

As you know, at Media Masters we specialize in law firm marketing and public relations, litigation communications and strategic planning and on-camera media and deposition training.

Media Masters is regularly approached by the media looking for attorneys to offer legal commentary on various issues and cases. To satisfy these inquiries, Media Masters announces the formation of the Media Masters Network.

The dual purpose of this network is to provide the media with legal analysis and to offer network members with invaluable on-air media exposure which has the potential to boost an attorney’s reputation and serve as rainmaking opportunities. The fee to join the network is $500.00 per attorney. This fee includes the following:

1. One year membership in the network.
2. 2 hours of state of the art video- taped media training and image consultation.
3. Pitching legal analysis and commentary for the members’ particular practice area to the media.
4. Weekly email from MM inquiring about any new cases that may have media potential so that MM can pitch story ideas.
5. When the media decides to run a story using any MM network attorney, the attorney will be charged an additional $500.00 only if the story results in a placement.
6. MM will record the aired broadcast and send to the network attorney so the attorney can use on their website for marketing purposes.

To join the network or for any inquiries regarding this service, please contact Rose Moriarty at 713-854-7663 or Miranda Sevcik at 713-515-9729.

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