Thursday, June 19, 2008

Michelle Obama's Makeover

After getting beat up in the press, the Obama campaign has decided to give Michelle Obama a makeover. It started yesterday with her appearance on The View. If you missed it, click here to see her "performance."

She began the appearance with "fist bumps" and proceeded to talk about how she is not that hip, she doesn't wear pantyhose and of course how she is very proud of her country. She also talked about her family and her humble beginnings.

What did you think about her peformance? Well, I thought she was great. She is smart, confident and strong. And I agree with her that people aren't used to strong women.

After her performance, the media was all over it, analyzing everything she said, what she wore, how she looked. And most of the discussion on AC360 last night centered around how she should "behave" for the rest of the campaign.

I heard that she should cook, visit schools, meet with the elderly and that she should, in essence, keep her mouth shut and lay low. When I heard that, I have to admit I was offended. Surprised? Not really. What do you think?

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