Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Draw Visitors to Your Website and Keep Them Coming Back!

With the importance of a Firm's website growing every day, how do you attract potential clients online and keep them coming back? Today we examine the best way to do just that.

Welcome Web surfers: How to attract first-time visitors.

1. Search engine optimization. Google is the search engine that drives the most traffic to your site so task your staff to incorporate into your Firm Web copy key terms that people might search. This organic search method is called search engine optimization, or SEO.

Click here to learn how your Web site winds up on a Google search page.

2. Content syndication. Disseminate your legal intelligence articles to other Web sites. That way, someone searching a particular topic might stumble upon an article written by one of your attorneys and then head to the company’s Web site.

Please come again: How to ensure return visitors.

Ensuring visitors return to your Firm site begins with a payoff. What’s on the site better match what you promised would be there.

1. Quality video. If the Firm's bios are videotaped, ensure that video is quality. If the Firm has been involved in some high profile litigation and received media coverage, make sure the clip is featured on the site.

2. Strong writing. Keep Web copy short and punchy.

3. Customized pages. That means someone interested in a specific service, say Intellectual Property, can follow a link from the company’s home page that brings them to a landing page built specifically for the topic. The purpose of these customized pages, is to give visitors easy, bulleted scannable content as well as an easy pass to find more information.

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