Monday, August 4, 2008

Who Picked this Name?

There is nothing wrong with lawyers generating business, and there's nothing wrong with companies and services who help them market their expertise and connect with their appropriate audience. But a website called just isn't right.

Their FAQ says: “’s business model is based on real-time bidding by attorneys for ad placements delivered to online users who complete screening paths to determine their qualification for or interest in a particular claim. Revenues are generated through advertising fees by members of the Attorney Network and premium service charges related to real-time consumer connection services that are also paid for by the advertising attorneys. Additionally, attorney Network members who participate in the system pay an annual membership fee, currently set at $1,000 per attorney or practice area for 2008 enrollments.”

What attorney out there would want to even remotely be associated with this name? None that I know. But I guess there's an audience out there for this service. I'm betting that whoever subscribes to this service is hurting so bad for business that they don't care who or what they are associated with. What do you think?

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Michael Tangeman said...

Thanks for your post!

On behalf of, I thought it might be helpful to your readers and toward discussion on your site to provide links to a backgrounder on the company and how the service works, as well as the bio of founder & CEO Curtis Wolfe. Backgrounder:

Curtis Wolfe bio:

Full press release at PRNewswire: