Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Social Media News

A great post today by Cindy Speaker, social media marketing guru here in Houston:

Google announced yesterday that they now have the capability for realtime search. This is huge. Twitter already does this. I often monitor realtime conversations on twitter relevant to auto accidents and variations such as that.

Realtime search will allow us to do our normal Google search but we will be able to see conversations in action. For instance in the example Google presented yesterday, they had a person in the audience do a tweet and it immediately popped up on a Google search in realtime.

Google indicates that there are over a billion realtime documents a day that it will be looking at. Because they are both recent and relevant it is likely that they will top search results based on those parameters.

Application to law firms: we must create systems to continuously create and publish valuable content. Realtime is a big trend on all of the social media platforms. My guess is that in the near future last month's article that was so well written will be buried on page 7 of a Google search. On page 1 will be the topic that was written an hour ago.

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