Friday, January 8, 2010

Ten Tips for Generating Traffic for Law Blogs

Rochester, New York attorney Nicole Black, an experienced blogger, shares 10 tips for generating traffic to legal blogs.

  1. Decide why you're starting a legal blog--Is it to generate new business, establish your expertise in a particular area of practice, provide you with a web presence and/or more visibility, or is it simply an outlet that allows you to express yourself?
  2. Determine who your target readers are--Are they potential clients, lawyers who practice in the same area of law as you do, lawyers located in the same geographic area as you or some other type of professional? This will help craft your content.
  3. Create a blogroll--Your blogroll should serve two purposes: it should assist your readers in locating interesting content and it should alert other bloggers to your newfound blog's existence. Send an email to the bloggers on your blogroll and let them know that because you enjoy their blog, you've added it to your blogroll--and a reciprocal link would be greatly appreciated, but is certainly not necessary.
  4. Consider adding a link to Evan Schaeffer's Legal Underground--This blog is a high traffic blog and he regularly acknowledges those blogs that have linked to his own.
  5. Make sure that Tom Mighell is aware of your blog--Drop him an email so that he knows that your blog exists. His well known blog, Inter Alia, regularly features new legal blogs, and by letting him know about yours, he may mention your new blog more quickly.
  6. Add your blog the legal blog directories listed on Nicole's blog.
  7. Submit blog posts to Blawg Review--Each week Blawg Review features blawg content from the past week. Consider signing up to host Blawg Review.
  8. Read Kevin O'Keefe's blog--His business is law blogs, and his blog always provides helpful tips for both new and experienced bloggers.
  9. Regularly link to other blogs in your posts--Other bloggers will notice and appreciate it, and may reciprocate in kind.
  10. Submit relevant comments to law blogs somewhat similar to your own--Make sure that your name is linked to your blog, so that anyone who clicks on it will be directed to your blog.

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