Friday, April 22, 2011

Forward-Thinking Law Firms Already Integrating QR Codes

Well, we talked about this a couple months ago and sure enough- here it is. Look at the bottom right hand corner of this ad and you will see it. A square design of dots- a nifty piece of technology already heavily used by magazine advertisers in the fashion, real estate and other consumer-oriented business sectors- the QR code. The code is a fast and easy way for potential clients to click using their smart phone QR reader- a free app- and go directly to the webpage set up to direct them to the business's services.

I also love the way this firm advertised an obviously well-executed deal on behalf of their client- not themselves.

If your firm advertises in publications by all mean include a QR code in your next ad. Go to this link and make your own: free QR Code generator.

Have a great Easter weekend!

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