Monday, June 20, 2011

Technolgy That Won't Let You Make a Fool of Yourself

The Houston Chronicle has a great article today about new apps that can be uploaded onto your Smartphone that will not allow you to "pull a Weiner". read and learn!

Despite a staggering number of sexual scandals involving prominent politicians in recent months, the sexual misadventures of one Anthony Weiner are unique in their confounding detail.

For starters, there's the dethroned Congressman's lousy photographic skills and poor sense of composition (Richard Avedon, he certainly isn't).

Or the fact that his toned physique is as hairless as a mole rat; a species known, oddly enough, for unabashed displays of nudity.

But what is perhaps most shocking about Weiner peddling Congressional erotica to alleged admirers is the degree of ineptitude he displayed while doing it.

Had Weiner been a "safe sexter" — that is, one who didn't take his social media cues from Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus - he would have known a growing number of smart-phone apps are available these days that allow users to cover their tracks and even their faces. If this is news to you, chances are you either don't own a smart phone or, to put it bluntly, are old.

If you're going to drive recklessly, Anthony Weiner style - a habit we don't advocate - you might as well strap on a seat belt.

Weiner could have started with Pixelate, an iPhone that allows users to create censored photos by blurring portions of an image before sharing it over Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. Perfect for, say, showing off self-satisfied photos of those washboard abs while hiding your slimy visage as you grip your privates in the House members' locker room.

Suppose Weiner wasn't ready to send out his growing stash of nudie photos, but still needed a place to hide them. He could've downloaded SpyCalc, an app that allows you to store private photos and videos behind a working calculator so that they can only be accessed with a secret number combination.

With Super Private Conversations, an Android application, Weiner could have gone a step further and blacklisted his illicit contacts and conversations, removing them from his contacts list, call logs and text message archives. His private correspondences would have been redirected to the app so they never appear in regular call logs or text message conversations. This app includes customized notification - such as icons, ring tones, vibrations or a flashing LED - to further conceal that trail of deceit.

Other apps, like Encrypt SMS for iPhone, would have allowed Weiner to send explicit messages that only he and his virtual paramour could decipher. With iPhone's Voice Changer app, he could have altered his voice so that it sounded like a woman's, compromising his prowess, of course, but keeping his identity a murky guessing game nonetheless.

To be sure, Weiner had his pick of apps to choose from, most available for a couple of dollars.

Not to be outwitted, his wife Huma Abedin could have benefited from a few apps herself. By installing a program like Mobile Spy - a stealth monitoring software for Android, iPhones and Blackberry - she could have tracked his internet usage, phone logs, incoming and outgoing texts and even his GPS location without him knowing. For an extra fee, the phone's screen and location can be viewed on a map in real time

Perhaps then she could have realized why her husband was spending so much time in front of camera phones and mirrors.

With that, let the domestic spy wars begin.

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