Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Top 10 Free iPad Apps for Attorneys

Judith Leeson with wrote a great recent post about the very best iPad apps that will not only make your life easier but will make your peers wonder how you find the time to be so ahead of the curve! Technology may be a hassle to keep up with but when it makes your life easier its worth your time to learn- particularly when someone has already reviewed the app for you.

You may or may not have heard of some of these apps for attorneys below, but for free, it literally costs you nothing to check them out.
  1. Dragon Dictation Ever wish you could carry a court reporter around with you? Get the next best thing in this app. Simply dictate a message to your iPhone and, almost instantly, your voice is transcribed with amazing accuracy. The blogger at iPhone J.D. has more.
  2. BARBRI Are you a student studying for a law degree? Then check out this app which gives you lectures, outlines, and practice questions for your final exams and the MPRE. You can also upgrade to a paid app with more.
  3. iTranslate Have a client who doesn’t speak English? Then try this free app to get the next best thing to an actual translator. It lets you translate any text or phrase in 42 different languages.
  4. Aji Reader PDF Get an impressive PDF reader for free in this app. It allows you to download, search, and do other tasks with the common PDF document. You can even use it to select and copy text.
  5. Dropbox It’s been on top 20 lists before, but Dropbox’s lifesaving app is well worth mentioning again. It allows you to upload your files to their site, access them from anywhere, and share with co-workers and clients. An excellent choice just for the backup alone but has so many other uses.
  6. Evernote If you take notes during meetings or trials, an app to help you out is essential. Evernote is a very popular option and offers apps for both your iPad and desktop all at no charge. In fact, it was ranked the best free note taking app by The Easy Mac.
  7. Constitution Get just what the app promises. It is a copy of the U.S. Constitution and is required reading for lawyers. It is divided into sections and offers no ads.
  8. Memeo Connect If you use Google Docs in your legal education or career, this is the app for you. It allows you to automatically download and store Google docs and view them offline. It even supports MS Office Docs and iWork documents.
  9. Pocket Attorney Just need some basic legal information free and fast? Then check out this app that tells what to do in situations such as traffic stops. It also has a database of attorneys in the area.
  10. Pocket Lawyer Lite Like the above, this app features tips for representing yourself when a lawyer is just too expensive. Types of offenses, fines, and more are all shared. There is also a paid $4.99 version.

Friday we'll share the next top ten paid apps for iPads!

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