Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Changing Litigator's Toobox

A 50% stock price plunge finally spurred Netflix’s CEO into making a public apology recently for not understanding or respecting customers after a sudden 60% price increase in July and other company missteps. But it was too little, too late- by by 4 p.m., about 6,000 people had commented on Netflix's Facebook page, with critics appearing to far outnumber supporters. Some vowed to join the flight of customers that Netflix acknowledged obliquely last week when it said it expected to serve 24 million U.S. customers in the third quarter rather than the 25 million it projected in July.

Walmart’s labor relations lawsuit resulted in the company’s net sales falling in the fourth-quarter for the first time since the company went public 41 years ago. The court of public opinion has never seeped so strongly into bottom line profits and the court of law than it does today.

Social media discussion groups, You Tube and traditional media can turn a rumor into fact with lightening speed. How can litigators keep a handle on it all?

Tools are emerging designed to provide attorneys with a comprehensive understanding of public opinion via traditional and non-traditional media outlets. Media Masters offers these tools that litigators are embracing as they integrate them for jury selection, change of venue motions and protecting a clients’ reputation and future profitability throughout legal proceedings. Our services include:
  • Social media and traditional media monitoring
  • Interpreting data in such as way as to reveal a potential juror’s exposure to negative and positive media coverage
  • Exposing media bias in a tangible way for change of venue motions.
  • Public opinion polls: when and how to conduct them
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