Monday, September 12, 2011

Top Three Things you Can do Right Now to Improve Your Online Visibility

A lot of lawyers with websites are believing the hype that the only way to achieve search engine optimization is through very expensive monthly plans. Now, that may be true if you are a personal injury lawyer and are competing for those highly coveted search terms like "Houston personal injury lawyer" or "Houston truck accident lawyer". But with a smaller pool like "Houston contingency fee trademark lawyer" or "Houston fathers' rights divorce attorney" Simply employing these basic tips for your website will help a great deal.
  1. Make sure each page of your website is title tagged. That means the title that appears on the page under the URL window has a name- specifically a name with a search term in it. For instance. Houston Divorce attorney Biographies or Houston Trademark Lawyer Contact. This helps the search spiders more accurately categorize each page of your site.
  2. Make sure your website pages are interlinked like a spider web. Link some text on your homepage to your biography page, do the same with keywords on other pages to practice areas and so on. The interconnectedness of a website helps it rank higher.
  3. Make sure all the content on your pages is unique and includes relevant search terms. Search engine spiders love two things more than anything else; original content and links coming into your site. If you can provide the content peppered with the search terms you are trying to attract. You are in great shape- remember- the more content the better!

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