Friday, October 7, 2011

The Latest Google Tools That Will Increase Your Bottom Line

Yesterday I attended an amazing seminar sponsored by Chase that featured a Google executive who spoke about growing businesses through online marketing. Now, I consider myself rather an expert on this subject but I have to admit online marketing is a constantly and I mean constantly evolving organism. I literally get newsletters about this topic all day long and I still feel behind on the latest and greatest tools available! I feel like I need two brains. Anyway, insecurities aside I really learned a lot from this guy and I wanted to share it with you over the next couples posts.

First some fun facts- and not really law-related, but for anyone who has a non-profit they are affiliate with- did you know Google offers a program called Google Grants? Yes! This is a program geared toward 501c3 groups. Google Grants offers up to $10,000 a month in advertising for non-profits that qualify. Pass it along!

Also- Did you know the two most searched for terms on Google are:
  1. Consumer electronics
  2. Shoes
Finally for today- claim your place page! Evidentally Google has been really good about creating one for almost every law firm - but not everyone claims them. Google your name and firm name under "Google Places" and fill in as much information, pictures and videos as you can. Its free, great for search engine optimization and will drive more traffic to your site. Do it today!

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