Monday, October 10, 2011

More Google Goodies Part Two!

As a continuation of Friday's post about new tools from Google designed to make your life easier.

To Flash or Not to Flash?

Warning! If you are considering investing in Flash technology for a website feature - think again. Many Internet providers aren't compatible with the latest versions of flash and requesting that visitors download programs is a big no-no. Adding to the problems with Flash, search engine spiders can't see it- so the program does nothing to help your site improve its rankings. Text and incoming links are still the most important parts of search engine optimization.

Live Video Conferencing With Up to 12 People!

Google Plus offers a free new function much like Skype- but it allows a video phone conference with up to 12 people. Its called Hangout and is designed to allow a virtual meeting straight from your desktop. Pretty cool.

Directories Make The Difference

Make sure your firm is listed in the Yellow Pages, City Search and Craig's List. The incoming links will help your website optimization a great deal. remember as long as you are only sharing business-card type information- your listing will not be considered attorney advertising and will not need to be reviewed. More Wednesday!

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