Monday, January 9, 2012

Top Online Forums for Attorneys

  1. A leading legal site, their forums are also not to be missed. Most active discussions are listed at the very top, while scrolling down gives you even more. They also offer many legal forms, resources, and even a blog to help make sense of it all.

  2. The Law Similar to the above, this site offers everything you could imagine in a legal site, including a massive forum. There is an A to Z section of categories to choose from and even sub-categories within them. Be sure not to miss the Law Library with more.

  3. Legal Nut Get discussions for everyone from law students to practicing attorneys here. They also have legal news and even a special section for passing the LSAT. They also have relevant articles for the reading.

  4. Free Advice Get just what the title promises with a visit here. Free legal advice comes in every subject from auto accident to wills. There is even insurance advice on the site.

  5. The Attorneys Forum Instead of massive boards that go everywhere, this forum is simpler and offers more ease in finding what you’re looking for. They include latest posting, how many are viewing now, and even a little preview of the latest comment.

  6. Law Info Visit here to get 872 rooms on various subjects for attorneys. They provide an opportunity to share information based upon an array of legal topics. You can even search for federal or class action legal discussions.

  7. Undercover Lawyer This forum bills itself as “what your boss does not want you to know.” A lot of work-related issues are discussed here. A few samples include early retirement, discrimination, and contingency vs. hourly fees.

  8. About Law If working as a law practice manager or for one, these forums have items for you. It is run by William Pfeifer of who has lots to say on his blog for There are even essential reads on it such as “Become the Expert in Your Specialty” and “Lawyer Email Scams.”

  9. Law Vibe This forum allows visitors from all over the world to come and discuss law. Five main topics include legal profession, law student, shooting the breeze, updates, and a suggestion box.

  10. Expert Law Finally, if you can’t find it in the above, you can probably find it here. The folks at Expert Law have the specific goal of helping visitors find answers to their legal questions. There are loads of forums to choose from as well as legal articles, litigation support, and even expert witnesses.
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