Friday, January 6, 2012

Why Your Firm Should be on Instagram

Instagram is Apple’s app of the year and according to social media gurus it’s soon going to surpass other popular social media sites. Instagram is open to everyone, which makes it easier for brands to connect with strangers. The site something of a micro-blog for images, given that Twitter is mostly text. However, brands can cross-post their Instagram photos to Facebook and Twitter.

Unlike the other photostreaming site Flickr, Instagram is streamlined for mobile. It's simple and intuitive. Instagaram allows lawyers to connect with potential future clients and it provides a powerful backlink to the firm’s website. Open an account on your smartphone, and start uploading pictures today.


Anonymous said...

What kind of pictures should we be posting?

Media Masters said...

I would suggest images of lawyers at work or images representing the kind of work you do.