Monday, April 16, 2012

The Company with the WORST Reputation in America Is...

Hopefully your clients are not on the naughty list!
The Reputation Institute asked more than 10,000 consumers about their perceptions of the 150 largest companies in the U.S. It published the results of this online study in a list of the nation’s most reputable companies.

The company with the best reputation is General Mills, while the award for worst rep goes to … Freddie Mac.

Here’s the list of the 10 most reputable companies:

1. General Mills
2. Kraft
3. Johnson & Johnson
4. Kellogg’s
6. UPS
7. Coca-Cola
8. Apple
9. PepsiCo
10. Procter & Gamble

And the 10 least reputable:

1. Freddie Mac
2. Fannie Mae
3. Goldman Sachs
4. Haliburton
5. Bank of America
6. Citigroup
7. American International Group
8. News Corporation
9. Exxonmobile
10. Altria

Read more about the study at Forbes.

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