Thursday, April 12, 2012

Zimmerman's Attorneys Quit in Bizarre Way

On Wednesday, Zimmerman’s lawyers Craig Sonner and Hal Uhrig announced they were stepping down, saying at a news conference that they haven’t heard from their client and that “has gone out on his own” without consulting them.

The strangeness of announcing a press conference to fire a client is one thing- but Zimmerman's lawyers also committed a cardinal sin in the process

“If George Zimmerman came to me tomorrow and said, ‘I want you to represent me,’ I would look at (the press conference with Hal Uhrig) and say Mr. Uhrig identified a potential defense and he cemented what George Zimmerman can now say,” Defense attorney Mark O’Mara told the media.

This move speaks volumes to the tabloid-culture that surrounds high profile cass these days. Salacious defendants with a story to tell become instant celebrities- attracting the fawning attention of media and publicity-hungry attorneys who want to represent them. Now, don't think I say "publicity-hungry" in a detrimental way. Defense lawyers need to always be looking for clients to represent that will raise their profile. But to crave publicity so badly that you call a press conference because you have lost control of your client?! Talk about torpedoing your client and your client's future case. This is the height of unethical representation in my opinion. It is so clear the only reason these two attorneys took the case was for the publicity. Shameful.

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