Friday, January 31, 2014

Social Media Guide for Attorneys

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, AVVO, Linkedin, search engine optimization, pop-up advertisements, and blogs: Everywhere we turn social-media is in front of us. When we open up our social-media forum of choice, we see many of our non-lawyer friends and colleagues showcasing their work lives with boasts about success, where they are, and even funny stories about what happened at work.  However, we as lawyers have an obligation and duty to make sure that we do not run afoul of our governing Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct while participating in the social-media fun. We all know that we have to be cautious when it comes to advertising and soliciting clients, but are we all aware of the rules as they apply to our social-media involvement?

This month the Texas Young Lawyers Association is launching the first of many informational pamphlets which will serve as guides for young lawyers as they navigate certain aspects of their careers.  The TYLA Pocket Guide: Social Media 101 will provide guidance as to common pitfalls by young lawyers when it comes to combining their professional lives with their social-media lives. This includes guidance on maintaining online presences for themselves and for their law firms and help navigating the Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct that apply to online advertising. 

If you would like to obtain a copy of the Pocket Guide: Social Media 101, please visit our website at to obtain an electronic copy.

Sally Pretorius is a board member of the Texas Young Lawyers Association and is an Associate Attorney with the Law Offices of Becky Beaver, where she practices family law.

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