Thursday, March 19, 2015

National Fraternity Shows How to Handle a Crisis

National leaders of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity not only responded with rapid force after a video was leaked of members participating at the group's University of Oklahoma chapter in a racist chant, they set a course for resolution for the future.  SAE announced the formation of a confidential hotline for reporting racist incidents at all college campuses where their chapters reside. 

This positive step follows SAE's decision to suspend the charter of the fraternity from OU while an investigation was underway.  The group also is putting more money where its mouth is by announcing they will be hiring a national director of diversity, the first of its kind in all fraternities, and require all SAE members to take diversity training.

That's the way to respond to a crisis, back up words with action and emerge as a national leader in a topic that could have sunk the group.

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