Thursday, August 13, 2009

Find Your Audience Part II

In our continuing effort to help identify an audience for your news we look to the early morning news programs.

KHOU (11) Has the highest female audience at 69% Also one of the highest ranges of adults 25-54. Primarily white with a median income of $60,000. 49% White collar.

KTRK (13) Has the highest male audience and strongest black audience at 23%. KTRK also has the most homeowners of all the stations in the Houston market.

KPRC (2) Has the highest audience 25-54 primarily white. KPRC's morning show is also favored most by the Hispanic and married audience. KPRC has the most educated and highest household income white collar watchers of all the morning

Use this information to properly choose the right station to pitch your next newsworthy story to!

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