Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Less Writing = More Exposure Part Two

Now, back to ways to parlay article writing into Internet optimization and more business!

4. Submit it to Major Directories.

Now you have 10 or so distinct versions of each of your three articles. Submit one version of each article to these top article directories:,,,,

5. Post Your Articles to Your Own Blog.
If they seem to similar to one another, do some slight re-writing. Get them all on your blog within a few days of one another.

6. Create Satellite Blogs and Post Your Articles.
There are a number of places to create free blogs that rank well with Google. Set up accounts at each of these places and post versions of each article as you create them. Some of my favorite free blog sites are,,,,,,, and

And here’s the
sweet part: with the exception of and - which require manual posting -- you’ll be able to distribute your articles to all your other blogs with a single click of a mouse, thanks to!
Go to and check it out -- it’s simple way to update your Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and all your satellite blogs at once.

7. Collect Your RSS Feeds and Ping Each New
All of your satellite blogs offer RSS feeds. So do many article and press release directories. Go get them and create text file with each RSS Feed URL for your articles and blogs. Then pick up RSSBot, also from Incansoft. It’s a fabulous piece of software that registers each of your RSS feeds with all the top aggregators and pings each one whenever you add new content. (

This will save hours of time, and assure that search
engines are well aware of all your content.
Each and every time you create new content, follow these steps - spin, distribute to directories, post on your blogs and ping.
Remember- strategic effort always translates into more business in less time!

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