Monday, November 9, 2009

Less Writing = More Exposure

Looking for more bang for your buck online? Today we begin a three part series on new and innovative ways to parlay a single article into driving major traffic back to your website. The purpose of what we’re about to do is two fold: to generate organic traffic from potential visitors seeing the content around the web, and to get
your site ranked higher in the search engines.

1. Define Your Keywords.
Use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool (https:// or
Wordtracker ( to identify
keywords and phrases that your clients would use to
find you. Develop a list of 3 or 4 keywords that are well
searched and not overloaded with competing sites.
Conduct a search to see if you’re currently listed for these
keywords and, if you are, where you rank.

2. Create Your Base Content.
Now, let’s write a few paragraphs that will serve as the
basis for the entire process. Since your keywords and
phrases are probably fairly similar, you won’t have to
create 5 or 6 articles entirely from scratch. Rather, you’ll
create one “master” article and adapt it as needed.
A simple way to do this is to write 5 or 6 paragraphs
that follow this pattern: (For the sake of this tutorial, let’s
say you have a blog about criminal law and three of the keywords
you’ve selected are “DUI”, “breathalyzer” and “no-refusal”.)

First paragraph. Define the problem: Houston's sprawling size and lack of a mass transit system means many people are on the road in many states of fatigue, inebriation and occasionally medically influenced conditions. This is an issue that can cause considerable traffic accidents and death. As a result police are stepping up patrols through "no-refusal " weekends and stepping on civil liberties.

Second paragraph. Assess the current state of discussion about the issue: A majority of attorneys and civil liberties experts believe forcible blood draws violate basic constitutional rights.

Third and fourth paragraphs. Create specific content for each issue, for instance paragraphs about the best way to avoid arrest, the best way to handle no refusal blood draws and the best methods for defense. Guides that can help people accused of drunk driving through no-refusal weekends can be found at (Your website) (, a blog created to help those accused of crimes find reliable advice.

Fifth paragraph. Bio: Joan Smith is a criminal defense attorney that specializes in fighting no-refusal convictions. Her blog, Say No To No-Refusal contains articles, videos, ebooks and more.
Visit it at

3. Turn It Into Three Press Releases.
A bit of rewriting and you’ve got some releases ready
to be submitted to directories. Titles could be along the
lines of NO Refusal Blood Draws are a Get Our of Jail Free Card, Expert Says/
Busted for DWI? Here’s What Works..../DWI Attorney: No Refusal Means No Jail Time
Over the course of a few days, distribute each of the
releases to free press release directories. A tool that’s
excellent for the job is PressBot from Incansoft (http:// It’s an inexpensive tool
that handles the job simply and effectively.

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